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Parish Managing Committee 2017- 2018
Vicar Rev. Fr. Eldho Cherian Kooran

T.M Yacob, Thelappilly
K.C George, Karedath
K.T Shaju, Karedath

P.P Eldho, Panthalkudy
Abin Alias, Poothuran
P.T Poulose, Paravattil

K.M Varghese, Karedath
K.C Alias, Karedath
K.V Mathai, Kollarmali

T.M Varghese, Thelappilly
Poly Ittoop, Puliyan
M.V Varghese, Molassery

P.T Samjan, Paravattil
Basil K Varghese, Kooran

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