Ettu Nombu Perunal

Divine Sight of Relics Soonoro, Once in year only

Soonoro, which installed in a special box in the church will be taken out only once in year especially eve of the great Ettunombu perunnal, that is on 7th September of every year. Eve of the day, after Night prayer there will be confession. when it finishes, soonoro will be taken out in the presence of Bishops, Cor eppiscopas, and many priest and nuns and in the presence of hundred of people with lighted candle and prayer of "St. Mary Prays For Us". Use of church bell and fire works make this spiritual ceremony more beautiful, spirituality and wonderful. Divine sight also permitted to devotees on the last day of perunnal, ie., 8th September every year. After this festival soonoro will be kept in the box.

Pachor Thulabaram is the Main Offering

One of the main offerings is "Pachor Thulabaram" or "Thookkapachor". It arranges after night prayer on 7th September every year. Thookkapachor arranges on frontispiece at the church. After the special prayer for devottees, the priest will give lighted candle to these people infront of soonono box and they weigh in the order of their age on frontispiece. Each one sits on one side of weighing balance and put equal weigh jaggery on the other side. People give propotionate weight of rice and cocconut to the weight of jaggery. After making pachor on the last day it gives to people as a part of blessings. People do offerings mainly for recoverig from disease, for getting suitable life partner, for getting child and to over come financial crises. By this offering people get more and more blessings and they reveal for many years. So number of people for this offering have been increasing yearly. God has been showering his grace up on this church for years.