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Main Feast

Ettunombu Perunnal & St.Mary's Convention
           - From August 31 to September 8

Other Feasts

     Vajanip Perunnal & Silasthabana Perunnal
           March 25

     Mor Geevarghese Sahada Orma Perunnal
           May 2nd Sunday

     Parumala Greegorious Orma Perunnal
          1st Saturday and Sunday in November

     Mor Alias 3rd Patriarch Orma Perunnal
           1st Saturday and Sunday in February

     St.Mary's 1st Saturday Celebration
           1st Saturday of every month

     Kothamangalam Pilgrimage
           October 1st & 2nd

Church Day Celebation

     1st Sunday in the month of May

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