St.Marys Youth Association

President  :  Rev. Fr. Don Paul Thadikkaran
Vice President  :  C.I Shibu Chundekkadan
Secretary  :  Jibil K Mathew Kollarmali
Joint Secretary  :  Alwin Yohannan Molassery
Tresherar  :  Basil Shaju Karedath

Kothamangalam Pilgrimage developed in the Hearts of Youth as Banyan Trees

Now kothamangalam pilgrimage develops like banyan tree, spreading every where and this is really developed in the minds of Youth of this Church. Youth Association members had collected money and had gone to Kothamangalam by taxis before 15 years. This persuaded them to go to kothamangalam with young and old alike of this church. They presented this idea in the chuerch committee and our former vicar Rev.Fr. K.P Jhon also encouraged and helped them to put it inreality. St.Mary's Youth Association not only co-operate with all church activities, but also they give good leadership for Kothamangalam pilgimage.